Rhizo15 Research Project

If you’re a participant in rhizo15 and would be willing to take part in a more in-depth component of the study, or if you wish to opt out of the entire study, please email me at ashleygshaw at gmail.com.

Update: May 13

I can’t believe how quickly rhizo15 is going.  Or how much is going on – I’m swamped (in a good way!) with the amount of posting, sharing, and interacting going on.

If there are any rhizo15 “newbies” who have joined the course in the past couple weeks who would be willing to take part in my research, please get in touch with me (email, Facebook, or Twitter).  I very much want to have data from people who have participated in all different ways.  It would only require about 30 to 45 minutes of your time for an interview after rhizo15 has ended.

I’ve had a few people ask if they could borrow/adapt/steal questions from my pre-course survey, and I’m more than happy to share it with anyone!  Some questions have worked out better than others – I’m still crunching the data (gently, don’t worry too much about the poor data) and will share both the results and my thoughts on the survey itself once that’s finished.  For now, a PDF of the survey form is available here: Rhizo-15 pre-course questionnaire.

Update: April 21st 

My project has gotten off to an amazing start.  I’ve had really positive feedback and support from the rhizo15 community, and am very appreciative that over 60 people took time to complete the pre-course survey.  Especially considering the amount of time everyone has already spent engaging with the weekly topic (learning subjectives) and with each other!  I’ll be looking at the survey data over the next few days, though I’m currently at the Emerging Technologies symposium, #et4online, interacting in person with some rhizo14 (and likely rhizo15) folks.  I’ll post some of the findings next week.

I’ve also been conducting observations of rhizo15 every few days.  I had a lovely little “Observation protocol” form set up with boxes to record what I found on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  But that form went out the window pretty quickly – the rhizo15 participants are a wide ranging herd and have already expanded across a number of spaces: collaborative docs, wikis, social bookmarking, feed readers… They’ve also been incredibly productive and in addition to creating some amazing visuals, videos, and even a rhizo song, have put together spaces to aggregate blogs and share network maps and visualisations.  I’m learning a heck of a lot myself in just trying to keep up!

I’ve also had a really overwhelming response to my request for people willing to participate in my research in greater depth, and I’m incredibly grateful for the interest people are taking in my research and their willingness to give of their time and of themselves.  I’m currently following up with these volunteers and should have the “in-depth” part of my study in place over the next few days.  Stay tuned…

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